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Westgate Shopping CentreWestgate Shopping Centre
37 Westgate Galleries, OX1.
Map Ref 15.
As if all the historic buildings, high quality theatres, massive span of pubs, cafes and restaurants were not enough, Oxford has a fantastic shopping district as well, providing something for every soul on this planet. The Westgate Shopping Centre stands right in the centre of Oxford in all its triangular, plexiglass glory.

The architecture in Westgate, with its modern white pillars and arches give the centre quite a glamorous appearance. In the summer, the light shines through the building, creating some infinitely attractive shapes and designs.

Westgate's clothes shops are reasonably fashionable, dominated as they are by Italian designers. Ciro Citterio is just one example. To its credit, the centre is not crowded with mundane commercial shops but is concerned more with style and quality. There is a fairly well-stocked electronic boutique, some rather grand jewellers, and an expensive curtain and linen shop. There is the odd commercial exception to the rule, like C&A and The Sports Shop which is absolutely massive. If you are a follower of fashion, you should enjoy Westgate Shopping Centre, but for anything merely useful look elsewhere. You can contact them on 01865 724818.
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The University of Oxford Shop
106 Oxford High Street, OX1. Map Ref 16.
The University Of Oxford Shop The University of Oxford Shop is situated in the High Street - the heart of this historic city. The shop is surrounded by the beautiful architecture characteristic of the ancient colleges and churches. It is within a few minutes of Merton, Oriel, and Brasenose Colleges, the University church of St Mary the Virgin, the Radcliffe Camera and Christ Church, which in turn provides a stunning setting for the Cathedral.

The University of Oxford Shop is wholly owned by the University and all profits are directed back into the University for academic research and development. It is the only shop where the official University of Oxford Collection can be seen in its entirety and stocks a wide range of gifts from bookmarks to hand painted china, alarm clocks to silk scarves, paperweights to sweatshirts.

You can contact the shop on (01865) 247414.

Flaggs Old College Store
18 Broad Street, OX1.
Map Ref 17.
A clothes store that will please the university traditionalists far more, Flaggs offers a more earthy, authentic range of classic college ties, heavy scarves and sweatshirts, and gifts of every size and description.

Flaggs does attract travellers, but not as many as the University of Oxford Shop. Students tend to come here to laden themselves with quality materials and fine winter woolies on a more significant basis than its competitor.

Located opposite Trinity College, Flaggs is also far more intimate than the mainstream hustle bustle of the other shop. If you like traditiona, more sober Oxford University items, you should come to Flaggs Old College Store. You can contact them on 01865 722258.
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Oxford MarketOxford Covered Market
Market Street, OX1.
Map Ref 18.
When one mentions ancient, sprawling markets, the mind connects with the East End area of London. However, Oxford has its own gigantic market, spread over four long avenues of noise and camaraderie. In existence since the year 900, the Oxford Covered Market proudly states its claim to be one of the city's oldest institutions.

The Covered Market is distinguished by a wide range of stalls selling quality food, most significantly poultry, game and fish. Avenue 1 contains various fruit and veg stores, fishmongers, butchers, bakers (and candlestick makers), even a cheese shop. In Avenue 2 I suggest you go straight to Fellers, the poulterer and game seller who gives some fantastic prices on grouse especially.

There are so many other stalls and shops to talk about in these converging avenues, such as cobblers, saddlers, jewellers, china merchants, and books and clothes of varying degrees. The Covered Market just bombards you with so many items and distractions that you can end up getting caught up in its web, never being able to step out.
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