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Gabriel's Wharf
56 Upper Ground, SE1.
Map Ref 14.
Gabriels WharfGabriel's Wharf is a luxuriant amalgamation of weird and wonderful restaurants, jewellers, flower shops - indeed, shops of every type and breed. There is of course something for everyone but even if you do not want to spend any money I can think of no better opportunity to stroll around this strange little complex, which resembles a tiny village you might expect Noddy and Big Ears to beetle about in.

Crossing the realms of modern arty studios and traditional seafaring buildings, Gabriel's Wharf is like a Labrador. It is loveable and is something you can take with you anywhere as it puts you in cheerful mood. Of course the sense of satisfaction you glean from Gabriel's Wharf is spiritual whereas the Labrador aspect would be more physical. It is tricky summing this complex up in one sentence so I will literally just have to take through almost each individual shop. Studio a half has a collection of hand-painted glasses, silk cushions as well as assorted dishes and mirrors and would be perfect if you wanted to add some interesting decor into your house.

The London Bicycle Tour Company, as you can probably guess, hires out bikes. Apart from that, furniture, sculpture, papier mache animals and general bric-a-brac, galleries with art of every type, crazy hairdressing, vases, pottery of every description all make their eclectic passage into Gabriel's Wharf.

A fantastic place to browse and eat or drink, you will feel in very high spirits when you are here. For information contact them on 0171 401 2255.
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Lower Marsh Market
Next to Waterloo Station, SE1.
Map Ref 15.
Reflecting many of the East End markets, the Lower Marsh Market is noisy, utterly comprehensive in its range of items and filled with a vibrant atmosphere that makes any visitor warm to London and its traditions immediately. You have the opportunity to buy clothes of every colourful and ethnic degree, the usual fruit and vegetables which spill out all over the place, many electronic goodies, linen and material of various textures and the odd local cafe where you can sample an English breakfast.

Even if you turn up here with nothing special in mind, you will probably be tempted to buy some little oddity. As well as the profusion of market stalls, there are mainstream shops lining the pavement. Supermarkets are especially prolific.
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