Thames History

Old Father Thames is the most significant river if not the longest in the UK with a rich vein of historic,cultural buildings and landmarks -sea to source-start to finish. We include tit-bits about the the first settlers, the Normans and the Tudors, London in the time of the Frost Fayres,The Great Stink and worse!+

Thames History

The Thames is Liquid History

Back to the Ice Age

First Settlers and Invaders

"A String of Pearls"

The Normans and Foreign Domination of the

The Middle Ages - Mediaeval Kings and the

The Tudors and the Stuarts

The 16th and 17th Centuries - War and Trade

River Pageants and Events

The 18th Century - Boom and Competition

The 19th Century - the Victorian Era and The

River of Death

River of Pleasure

The 20th Century and Massive Changes

River of Life Back form the Dead

The 21st Century and The Future

Old Father Thames Keeps Rolling Along

River Thames