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Picturesque, historic, usually tranquil and rather special is how most proud locals describe Henley- on- Thames. Visitors love it for the "quaint, olde- worlde” look and feel, the magnificent old bridge and long beautiful river walks beyond the town. It has a high standard of local restaurants, some excellent Brakespeare's pubs and a scattering of very pleasant shops and small businesses.

At first glance, the town has the feel and look of a rather special sleepy Thames-side village from the writings of a PG Wodehouse novel. However, this is more than a bit misleading. The town explodes with visitors during Regatta and Festival weeks in July and a variety of recently introduced or planned festivals, poetry meetings, an 80's revival concert, farmers' markets, etc, to keep it firmly on the map.

 Henley Regatta

 The New Orleans - charters from Hobbs of Henley

People want to live here or to visit for the day or a long week-end, and are justifiably proud of much of what is on offer. There can be considerable traffic congestion which is a problem associated with any well established town endowed with an historic bridge, funnelling the traffic through a small river crossing. Just add a few minutes longer on the journey time!

A wildlife bronze by Nick Bibby (sold by Whittington Fine Art Galleries)

 Saturday mornings-Dragon Boat racing of course!

Pick of the town-not a scientific study just our opinion

Special events include: 
Henley Royal Regatta
Henley Music Festival
The Thames Traditional Boat Rally 

Special attractions
River and Rowing Museum Henley
Boat trips from Hobbs of Henley
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Spice Merchant
The Green Olive
Loch Fynell

The Quince Tree


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Top wedding venue locally

 Phyllis Court Club more info



The Row Barge
The Three Tuns
The Anchor

The Little Angel

The Catherine Wheel

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Interesting Shops/businesses
The Teddy Bear Shop
Richard Way Bookshop
Whittington Fine Art Galleries


The Chocolate Theatre


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