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Drury House at Windsor

Drury House is a unique restaurant and tea room, steeped in history, right in the heart of Windsor. Specialising in homemade pastries, puddings and pies, we also serve homemade gateaux, cream teas and high tea.

 It was built in the reign of King Charles I, in 1645. It was built originally to house the staff from Windsor Castle, until it became part of the abode of Nell Gwyn, Charles II’s favourite Mistress; to accommodate their secret liaisons, a tunnel was built between the Drury House and the Castle, enabling Nell Gwyn to have a secret rendezvous with the King at a moment’s notice.

Coming up from the basement the stairs are small and narrow, winding up through the subterranean levels and four floors above, a typical Stuart period townhouse retaining much of the layout of the original house and wood panelling appropriate to the late 1600s. 

Contact details:

Drury House Café Restaurant
4 Church St,
Tel:01753 863 734