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Try our True or false competition -before 8th May 2019

Sorry you are too late-this competition is closed now. 

Can you answer any 2 of the following questions -true or false.

Question 1

Royal Windsor is called Royal because of its royal residents.

Question 2

The race course at Windsor is located near the river -so the horses can get a quick drink from it halfway through a race.

Question 3

When HM The Queen is staying at Windsor castle, all the lights in the town are turned off when she goes to bed.

Question 4

I (that's you) have been on a river boat trip in the last 5 years

Answers please by email arriving before 1900 8th May 2019


Competition rules.

You need to be over 18 to enter and be resident in the UK. One entry per person. The 1st prize will be awarded to the first correct entry drawn by the judges on 1st May 2019. Any prizes to the runners up awarded at the judges discretion.

A cash alternative will be available. The competition is not open to employees of The River Thames Guide Ltd. Meejana Restaurants, Salters Steamers-past and present.  


Thanks to Scott McCormick for the excellent one liner that went with  BRIE-your four letter word made out of BREXIT-because we are all cheesed of with it! Cheque on its way

The March result of our Win a  round/meal out competition.

The question

Give or take 5 miles-how long is the River Thames from sea to source

Its either              a)     210      b)     310   or  c)     510

The answer is 210   

Well done Annita Marquardt from Twickenham. Her name was drawn first from the many correct answers, so gets to choose to spend £75 at one of the places here  (or take £50 cash instead )         


Well done to this (Feb 2019) month's winner Melissa Rainbird for correctly answering both questions* in our
February Win a  round/meal out competition

*February competition Answers 


False-Barking is not on the Isle of Dogs –but close enough of course to

confuse some people


False-Swan Upping is the annual catching, marking and safely releasing  of
the Queens swans that takes place in July along the river Thames to
establish ownership. So, its not a town near Henley or indeed Swanage ! 

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