Thames Towns

Hampton Court

Hampton Court lies on the north bank of the River Thames and 15 miles south west of Central London. It is accessible by scheduled boat services, road, rail zone 6  and the area is most famous for its associations with Royalty. But there is a lot more to the area than just the splendid Royal Palace and Gardens. Every coach and bus operator ought to give a guided tour of the alternative Hampton Court (strictly East Molesley) that lies just over the other side of the River. If not, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Palace was Hampton Court, and you would never know about the hidden gems 100 metres or so over the bridge.

Take a visit to Bridge Street where you will find the Hampton Court Emporium, Mannings Antiques, Fountain Gallery for example where you can dig out some affordable treasure that can be taken home. There are numerous other excellent shops, including an old fashioned butcher's shop, good places to stop and rest, like the Prince of Wales pub, Le Petit Nantais restaurant for example and some very nice coffee and cake establishments.

     Hampton Court bridge(above)                                                          Hampton Court Palace gardens (above)

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