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London Bridge - A Gentle Walk by the Thames

by Jeannette Briggs

London Bridge and Tower Bridge -

a Gentle Riverside Walk

This is one of the most interesting walks in Central London alongside the Thames.  Starting at London Bridge on the southern end you access the walkway by dropping down the Bridge using Nancy's Steps. (This was the alleged site of the murder of Nancy in Oliver Twist, the novel by Charles Dickens.) 

As you start your walk along the river towards Tower Bridge you see the City on the north bank with all the skyscrapers and spires intermingled.  London Bridge is a modern version but a river crossing was first established at this spot by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago.

The City and the  "Gherkin" (the Swiss Re Building) seen through the imposing Tower Bridge - photo by Les Baker and reproduced with his permission.

As you reach Tower Bridge you see the Mayor of London's new offices which are open to the piublic.  The viewing gallery gives you good vistas across the City and the Tower of London. 

London Bridge at night - photo by Les Baker

Finally as you reach the point where you are opposite the Tower of London you see another magnificent vista on the North bank.

Written by Jeannette Briggs

  The Tower of London from the south bank of the River Thames - photo courtesy Les Baker


Nearest Tube stations:  Monument, London Bridge and Tower Hill


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