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Marlow - A Gentle Walk by the River

by Jeannette Briggs

This lovely little town sits beneath the Chiltern Hills on the north bank of the River Thames.   It contains gems of Georgian architecture and one of the oldest and most picturesque suspension bridges in the country.  All Saints Church is alongside the bridge, and the view of the Thames from here is unforgettable.

Sunset on the Thames at Marlow - photo courtesy John Olney, a noted local photographer

You can park the car in the car park by Higgingson Park and make your way through the park to the towpath which goes west towards Temple Island.  Along the way you get pestered by swans and geese, who are all used to being fed by youngsters and toddlers in pushchairs! 

There are wooden benches along your way, and you eventually wind up at the little tearooms at Temple Island - great for sitting and enjoying the boats and passing flow of life before you make your way back along the same path alongside the river to Marlow. 

One of my favourite walks in the whole of the UK - it seems to sum up all England's rural charms.

Jeannette Briggs

Nearest Parking - Higginson Park Marlow



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