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Graphically destroyed by Martians in H.G Well's novel War of the World's, the historic town of Chertsey is situated on the Thames with a beautifully constructed bridge and pubs located either side.It was invaded and plundered by Vikings in the 9th Century but revived under King Edgar. The Abbey played an important role in the administration of the town in the Middle Ages until the Reformation under Henry VIII.

Chertsey has several claims to fame. Chertsey's Cricket team defeated the rest of England by an innings in the 18th Century. (The team was due to tour France but the Revolution of 1789 put a stop this) and was a place that inspired Charles Dickens when writing Oliver Twist.


The town has several Roman Catholic church schools as well as the Abbey. There is a selection of pubs and small hotels close to the river with Chertsey Museum and the nearby theme park Thorpe Park as places of great interest for young and old.


The Kingfisher
The Olde Swan

The Golden Grove


The Boathouse at the Bridge Hotel

The Chertsey restaurant


Chertsey Museum
Thorpe Pak

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